About Us

Here There Be Monsters’ mission is to change the way the general public views comics and games. We want everyone, not just the established comic-readers and gamers, to know that comics and games are an accessible and interesting genre, no matter what your interests and background are.

In pursuit of our mission, we have set down this code with which we govern our business:

  1. The comic and game market is flexible, and our prices NEED to reflect that.
  2. Be accessible. Gone are the days of the dark, hole-in-the-wall atmospheres that many comic and game stores foster. No matter what your experience level with any of our products, we want everyone to feel welcome when they come to our events.  
  3. There IS something for EVERYONE. At our events, we really do have something that everyone can enjoy. We celebrate not just games and comics, but theatre, film, athletics, and arts, and we represent that at all of our shows and day-to-day business.