This Year's Programming:

Side Show Freak-Out Extravaganza by Museum of the Weird: Come and watch the daring feats as performed by Museum of the Weird's professional sideshow performers. 


Kai-Drew #1 Fight Time: Come watch as two professional artists duke it out for the title of most insane! That's right, two artists will draw their "inner monster" and then have a live debate where you, the audience, will determine whose subconscious will be crowned "King of the Monsters!" It's every nerd's favorite game: who could beat up who in a fight? 


Dystopian Master Session w/ R.D. Lanier: Undisputed master of the post-apocalyptic, R.D. Lanier, will create a dystopian genre web comic, start to finish, based on an atendee suggestion. Ever wanted to see "Winnie the Pooh" in a mash-up with "Mad Max"? Yeah, us too. This is also a great opportunity to talk to an experienced webcomic author and find out about this growing medium. 


Mothra Stuart- Bug Cooking w/ Little Herds: Little Herds, Austin's premier authority on entomophagy, will be giving lessons on how to turn today's backyard pests into tonight's scrumptious meal. 


From Out of the Dark Film Festival: We asked for the best creature-feature indie short films that America had to offer, and we got 'em in spades! Come check out some of the most fang-and-claw filled cinema this side of the Rio Grande. Free with your Here There Be Monsters Con admission! 



Check back because we have more events to announce soon!

To tide you over, take a look back at some of our past events!


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