Return & Exchange Policy

Customer service is something that we take seriously. We want all of our customers to know that we appreciate them going off the map to our fledgling site, and one of the ways we want to show you is by taking care of you all as much as possible. 

We understand that sometimes there is a need to return something because it was a gift, it just wasn't what you thought it was, or you end up finding it already buried in your collection. In those instances, we are happy to take the product back so long as it is in the same condition as when it left (i.e. unopened packaging, no noticable damage, not covered in tape that might peel off important wrappings, etc.), and we receive it within at least 10 days of you receiving it. At that point, we will refund your purchase in the form of a store credit for the full amount* of the returned item. 


*The full amount includes only the price of the item. Shipping will not be refunded.